Based in Potsdam and founded in 2018, PECKELSTON Publishing is a forward-thinking independent publisher working hard to give our authors the best chance of success in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


PECKELSTON Publishing’s winning policy is to cast our net as widely as possible in search of great books. At a time when publishers and literary agents are closing their doors even to authors with a proven track record, we continue to accept unsolicited work from both new and established writers. To help them with the sometimes daunting and nerve-wracking task of sending their cherished work to a publisher, we endeavour to make our submission process as friendly and efficient as possible. 

Once a writer is accepted as one of PECKELSTON Publishing’s authors, they can expect a very high level of care in turning their manuscript into a book that is beautiful both inside and out. With our large team of editors, typesetters, designers, illustrators and proofreaders, an author can be confident that we have the expertise to bring out and enhance their book’s true potential, whatever its size and complexity – whether a slim volume of poetry, a glossy cookery book, a colourful children’s story or a scholarly thesis.

We hope you enjoy our books as much as we do.